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Sell your kidney and buy an iPhone

Recently I told this story about iPhone to two clients. I had to swear all I said was true before they believed me.

A 17-year-old boy in China had been dreaming of owing an iPhone. Although every single person out of 1400 Chinese is a multi-millionaire,  according to Hurun Report compiled by Rupert Hoogewerf, this boy unluckily belongs to the majority – the people who can’t afford an iPhone.

What is special about the boy was that he decided to turn his dream into reality no matter what it would cost – even if it would cost his kidney.

He spotted an advertisement on a newspaper, saying healthy kidneys were wanted. So he replied and eventually travelled far to get one of his kidneys transplanted to a patient. The price was 35,000yuan.

He fulfilled his iPhone dream but that was not the happy-ever-after. It turned out that the kidney left to him was not healthy and can barely maintain his life.

The illegal transaction was exposed and 7 men were imprisoned and had to pay the boy extra 1,479,666 yuan as indemnification.

The boy got an iPhone, an iPad, the rest of the money, and a life long imprisonment in illness.

A SaleLand survey discloses that three percent of the 550 respondents said they   would happily ditch their current love if they got the newest iPhone in return.  SaleLand spokesman called this ‘unexpected’.

What if a kidney?