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Chinese teacher Luo Yan provides polished Mandarin Chinese Courses to individuals, businesses and institutions in Singapore and Hsinchu Taiwan. Please email Or call/whatsapp +886 966607568. Singapore clients have to learn via Skype right now.

Chinese Courses Spark Your Life in Singapore or Hsinchu Taiwan

Good Chinese Lessons will enrich your life in Singapore. Chinese teacher Luo Yan provides polished Mandarin Chinese Courses to individuals, businesses and institutions  in Singapore.  (Luo Yan is based at Hsinchu, Taiwan right now and continues to provide lessson to Singapore clients via Skype.)

Her Chinese lessons are pillared with designed course materials, a variety of exercises and interactive,fun teaching style.  These are fruits borne from years of exposure to the business world,  an in-depth understanding of the differences between Chinese and English languages, and a drive to please the expatriates and executive clients.

Your dream of speaking Chinese language can be fulfilled with these well-designed Chinese lessons:- 

Conversational Mandarin Courses enable you to speak and understand Chinese up to intermediate level. You will soon witness the results of your Chinese courses. Business Mandarin Courses are for those who have some basic knowledge of Chinese and aim to speak and read Chinese Mandarin for work. If you aspire to read Chinese characters, there is a very creative Chinese character course for you.

If you need me to give a hand for your Chinese documents or meetings with Chinese counterparts,  I can  translate, copy-write, interpret - the quality excels because of  a thorough understanding of what you mean and what you want.

A new language opens a new world - if you know how to.

Q: How Do You Teach?

A:  Compared with our competitors, we have-

1. A pragmatic approach.  We teach what the clients need to learn. 

2. Systems. 

3. Creativity. Our materials are original and tell our clients' stories. You will be telling your stories too. 

4. Diversified learning activities.  The clients will be trained by various methods and materials with a target to be as productive as possible with Chinese language.

5. Fully explained logic and embedded cultural know-how's.  Adults can and should use their reasoning ability and perception of the world to make learning much more effective and fun. 

6. Guidance for study before and after sessions. We provide enough guidance on the use of various resources, so much so that our students can learn without us!

7. Flexibilities. We are very accommodating in schedules and paces.