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Luo Yan is a very patient and diligent teacher that adjusts very well to the improvement of the student. Visit or call +65 90028716 to know more.

Clients Reviews

It is a pleasure for me to recommend Luo Yan as a teacher of Mandarin. Luo Yan has worked privately with me and my fiance on our Mandarin for the past two years, during which time she has engaged and challenged us in every imaginable way.

Luo Yan is a very patient and diligent teacher that adjusts very well to the improvement of the student. Luo Yan makes learning a new language both fun and interesting. She is quick to identify the individual strengths and weaknesses of her students, and she responds with appropriate exercises to overcome those weaknesses. Luo Yan is great in adjusting to whatever pace set by the students. For example, as working in the financial industry requires frequent travelling for us, she shows great flexibility with her schedule.

Personally, I have made tremendous improvements in my speaking skills due to Luo Yan's teaching methods and dedication. While travelling in China native speakers have made positive comments on my pronunciation, my easy fluency, and my understanding of Chinese culture. I have no hesitation in recommending Luo Yan for teaching Chinese language.


Bastian and Evelyn

Bastian Wolff, CFA, Private Real Estate

Partners Group (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

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Enjoy Learning Mandarin

I have been taking Chinese lessons with Luo Yan for almost two years at a slow pace (1.5 hour per week).

Luo Yan is a great teacher who will make you enjoy learning Mandarin. What I appreciate the most in her classes is the mix of culture and knowledge sharing. We understand the origin of words and expressions which makes it easier to remember.

I find Mandarin is a difficult language to learn and the process is very long but, slowly, I can feel the progress thanks to Luo Yan’s support. I am happy to go to my Chinese class every week to meet Luo Yan, she is patient, kind, open-minded, organized, and always smiling ; I would strongly recommend her if you intend to learn mandarin.

 Two words for Luo Yan: Xiexie ni !

 - Lucille Coulon

Private Banker, Credit Suisse

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I would recommend Luo Yan

I had 175.5 hours of lessons with Luo Yan in the course of 1.5 years. I felt Luo Yan did a very good job teaching the basics of Mandarin to someone with little time to invest. Her English is very fluent and she is an interesting person to have as a teacher - we also spoke a lot about Chinese cultural topics. Her self-developed lessons are appropriate, practical and very relevant. In particular, I liked the fact that she was constantly improving the lessons based on her experience in classes and client feedback, and that she was very responsive to my personal needs and requests for particular focus on certain topics or grammar issues. 
I would recommend Luo Yan to anyone looking for a pragmatic, customized way to learn Mandarin.
Thank you very much,

-Dirk Shraven, Hospitals & Healthcare

Excellent teacher - flexible, professional, customized teaching method

Luo Yan is an excellent teacher who customizes her teaching method according to your specific needs. She is very thorough and clear in explaining the proper usage of Chinese terms in their various contexts. Luo Yan is proficient in English too which is extremely helpful when I was asking a question/trying to explain something that needed to be translated into Chinese. She is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her.

- Joanna Ng, Corporate Director Operation, Raffles Hotels & Resorts

Interactive, Patience, Organised and Supportive

My friend and I have been taking private lessons with Luo Yan for 1.5 years now. We meet once a week for 1.5 hours. 

Luo Yan has been a fantastic teacher - she is patient, structured and has a fabulous way of explaining concepts. She has also given me a broader knowledge of the Chinese culture. 

Luo Yan is very flexible in meeting us - as my friend and I both have toddlers and babies so she adapts to our needs during the school holidays. 

Luo Yan is a very experienced tutor so she has a great structure that she follows in teaching you the language. The sessions are very informal and a good mixture between listening to her, practicing ourselves, conversations and activities. 

I have recommended her to many of my friends and really appreciate the support she has given me.

-Hayley Wright, Psychologist

Flexible to my requirements, always very well prepared.

Luo Yan is an excellent teacher. She is always incredibly well prepared. She also has a substantial amount of learning tools available, yet was still able to design a program that met my individual needs. She provided the challenge that I was looking for, but also was a great deal of fun to work with. 

I have varied between a 1.5 hours and 3 hours per week, when I have had time, which she has been able to accomodate.

The only reason I am no longer working with Luo Yan is I am leaving Singapore. I highy recommend Luo Yan to anyone, either wanting to learn as a beginner, or to someone that wants to increase their current skills.

- John Matterson, Vice President Southeast Asia, Tectura

Excellent Mandarin Teacher

I had 16 weeks of Chinese lessons before moving from Singapore. Luo Yan was an excellent teacher, always very prepared and professional, easy to communicate with and patient. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor and am only sorry that leaving Singapore means I cannot continue my lessons with her.

- Laura Considine, Events Management

Motivating interactive and challenging experience

Teaching method is very interactive, units are well structured. 
Their composition keeps the learning experience motivating. Each are structured as follow: Lessons with exemples, exercises to practice, Dialogue and vocabulary summary. Before each lessons we go through a review of the previous session which I find challenging.

I am taking 1.5h lessons 4 times a week. The schedule is very flexible which is very convenient for me.

Teacher Luo Yan, is easy to talk with, a very pleasant and patient teacher. 

- Nancy Wane, entrepreneur

Systematic, professional, easy to get on with

I learned Mandarin with Luo Yan over a period of 3-4 months, which finished only when I had to be away from Singapore for a long time. She has a systematic approach to the lessons, is always well-prepared, and is easy to talk with and learn from. 

- Antony Feeny, Management Consultlant

Luo Yan is an excellent teacher who makes the course both fun and informative.  She draws on her broad knowledge of both culture and linguistics to make the lessons  particularly relevant. 

- Anne Purcell, Procurement Manager, Rio Tinto

Thank you for your hard work and effort for the program - Plugging Into China Connections.

I really like the design of activities and structure. It is great fun and not rigid at all.

- Tan Seow Wee, Lecturer, Temasek Polytechnic

Luo Yan is a very experienced teacher who is well-prepared and has some excellent study materials. She tailored the course exactly to my needs in an office/corporate environment. My Chinese colleagues are impressed!

- Petra, Operation Manager, Ernst  & Young

Luo Yan is an extremely professional teacher and an adorable person to interact with. She was the perfect laoshi to introduce me to Chinese language. Her teaching method is very effective and smooth. I live in China now and feel very lucky to have had Luo Yan guide my first steps into this fascinating culture.

- Tatiana Rosito, Counsellor, Embassy of Brazil in Beijing

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