Business Mandarin Courses, Learn Chinese Lessons in Singapore

Business Mandarin Courses are for those who have some basic knowledge of Chinese and aim to speak and read Chinese Mandarin for work. Call +65 90028716.

Business Mandarin Course Customized

This program is for those who need training in job-related Chinese terms and communication. 

 At a more advanced level, the highlight of the course is the trainer's ability to explain the concepts clearly and thoroughly, and to express a sophisticated idea in a way that the Greater China can understand and act on. This ability comes from the trainer's broad exposure to the business world, and years of experience as a translator and lecturer for top institutes. 

Good business Mandarin trainers are rare because the challenge is three-fold. The business idea may be complicated in itself; and Chinese line of thinking can be quite different; it takes skills to find the most effective Chinese versions and insights to explain why.

At the basic level, we work with companies and institutes to develop in-house terminologies and job conversations for their employees, especially front-line staff. 

Structured Business Mandarin Course

If you are lack of business Chinese ability in general and prefer a system for your study, this structured course is for you. It builds a repertoire of fundamental Mandarin business terms and skills. The strength of the course is an overall mastery of business Mandarin but with the compromise of immediate relevancy to one's job.

Types of Courses Conducted

Aha Conversational Mandarin©

Conversation Course for Intermediate/Upper Intermediate

Learn Characters  

Business Chinese for Accounting and Auditing

Business Chinese for Asset Management

Business Chinese for Banking Product Service

Business Chinese for Corporate Communication

Business Chinese for Credit Risk  Control

Business Chinese for IT Auditing

Business Chinese for Investment Banking

Business Chinese for  Private Trust

Business Chinese for Private Banking

Business Chinese for REITs

Business Chinese for Treasury

Business Chinese for Senior  Management

Financial and Legal Translation Training

Work Development Agency (WDA) Business Chinese